Mario Dilitz: Sculptures por Mario Dilitz

February 22, 2020

Mario Dilitz: Sculptures por Mario Dilitz

Titulo del libro: Mario Dilitz: Sculptures

Autor: Mario Dilitz

Número de páginas: 128 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 15, 2017

ISBN: 3777427020

Editor: Hirmer Publishers

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Mario Dilitz con Mario Dilitz: Sculptures

Austrian sculptor Mario Dilitz is celebrated for his works that combine classic sculptural knowledge and technical perfection with contemporary artistic ideas and questions. His pieces give profound expression to the human form, while trying to convey a sense of the language of the body.

Upright, standing in the space with both feet firmly on the ground, Dilitz’s mostly life-sized figures in wood and bronze have been met with contradictory reactions by viewers, who are often impressed and disturbed by them in equal measure. Their aesthetic beauty and perfection stand in contrast to Dilitz’s desire to express the uncertainty of human existence. Analyzing these contradictions, the essays in this volume combined with high-quality photographs of his work and views inside his studio, provide dynamic insight into Dilitz’s artistic development and process of creation. It will be a fascinating introduction to the life and work of this artist on the rise.