THE GIVER (First Series) (English Edition) por Mario Bernheim

January 17, 2020

THE GIVER (First Series) (English Edition) por Mario Bernheim

Titulo del libro: THE GIVER (First Series) (English Edition)

Autor: Mario Bernheim

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 10, 2008

Editor: Aardvark Publishing

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Mario Bernheim con THE GIVER (First Series) (English Edition)

If you could retell the classic Old Testament book of Job, a timeless and universal story touching three major religions, and set him in the wealthiest neighborhood in the country, he would be living as Michael in The Giver.

From boyhood he had a natural curiosity for God. And as he grew and grew rich, his faith also grew. Michael succeeds into a life of luxury and abundance. His beautiful wife and kids round out a charmed life centered around shared family values. But shortly after tithing a half a million dollars to his church, his life seems to be systematically falling apart.

God and Lucifer gambled over Michael’s faith and if he does indeed love the Giver of the gifts, more than the gifts themselves? And one Christmas morning, God gives Lucifer power to take everything Michael has, everything, but his life.

How does Michael handle it? How would you? Would you crumble if your family were taken? Would your faith crash and burn if you lost your house, your job and every dollar you own?