Xinhua Xiezi Zidian por Jinchang Fei

September 18, 2019

Xinhua Xiezi Zidian por Jinchang Fei

Titulo del libro: Xinhua Xiezi Zidian

Autor: Jinchang Fei

Número de páginas: 330 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 1, 2000

ISBN: 7100032474

Editor: Commercial Press,The,China

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Jinchang Fei con Xinhua Xiezi Zidian

This is a dictionary on orthodox way of writing Chinese characters. It collects 2500 commonly used Chinese characters arranged alphabetically according to the pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin; characters with the same pronunciation are listed according to the number of strokes. Each character, in red regular sceipt, is provided with Chinese Pinyin, illustrative phrases/sentences, stroke number and combination and structure of the character, explanations, order of the strokes, and knowledge window (knowledge of Chinese characters and calligraphy). An index to the 'knowledge window' and a table showing how to look up characters according to the form and number of strokes are also included. Appendices: Name of the Strokes of Chinese Characters; Rules of the Order of Strokes; Types of the Form and Structure of Chinese Characters; Old and New Forms of Chinese Characters; Unified Radicals of Chinese Characters.