4WD Action: Your Modern 4WD (English Edition) por Johnson Duff

September 18, 2019

4WD Action: Your Modern 4WD (English Edition) por Johnson Duff

Titulo del libro: 4WD Action: Your Modern 4WD (English Edition)

Autor: Johnson Duff

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 14, 2018

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Johnson Duff con 4WD Action: Your Modern 4WD (English Edition)

We’ve just put to bed another cracking Action DVD trip in central
Queensland that you’ll see in
upcoming months, and I was
bloody fortunate to once again
visit several locations that I’d
heard about but till just now,
never seen. I have to say, that
the central QLD coast and
hinterland is a true hidden gem,
be sure to stick it on the list for
when you do the big lap.
Now from the outset, just let
me say that I’m no wowser and
certainly I’ve had a couple of
well-lubricated nights out bush
on more than the odd occasion;
however what I saw while on this
trip shocked even me.
We had been filming out
along a very popular section of
coast with a long and bumpy
sand access track north of a
major metropolitan centre for
the better part of a couple of
days and our time in the area
was done, so with cameras
rolling we made our way out. It
happened to be a weekend
morning and as was to be
expected, crowd numbers were
up. Dozens of 4WDs were
moving both towards and away
from the beach and with the
word out that we were in the
area everyone was keen to stop
for a chat. It’s here that I noticed
that at 10.30am, every driver
was on the cans!