Rosa's Gold (English Edition) por Ray Kingfisher

January 21, 2020

Rosa's Gold (English Edition) por Ray Kingfisher

Titulo del libro: Rosa's Gold (English Edition)

Autor: Ray Kingfisher

Número de páginas: 322 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 9, 2016

Editor: Lake Union Publishing

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Ray Kingfisher con Rosa's Gold (English Edition)

Nicole Sutton’s world has been turned upside down. Sixteen and suffering the fallout of a devastating family tragedy, she is forced to move away from her London home to the quiet town of Henley—and a new life she never wanted nor expected.

In the dusty cellar of her strange new house, Nicole stumbles upon a worn old journal left behind by a previous occupant. Inside, through the eyes of a soldier named Mac, she finds herself drawn into a brutally honest memoir of the horrors of war and Auschwitz—and of the life and love Mac had to leave behind.

The more Nicole reads, the more she is able to make sense of her own troubles. Because Mac’s story is so much more than a journal: it is the story of a family fighting for survival in the darkest days of humanity, of hope in the face of persecution. And then there’s the buried gold…

Revised edition: This edition of Rosa's Gold includes editorial revisions.